Treasure hunt in Lyon

Wild Gaming

Chapter 0 : FREE
Phoenix foundation

Wherever you want
15 minutes

Discover your first mission to become a Phoenix agent. With this introduction, you can see the gameplay of the whole treasure hunt in less than 15 minutes. Try it for free and join the adventure

Chapter 1 : 9,99 €
On the treasure’s path

townhall to Bellecour
2 hours

You will have to solve the riddles in order to find the tresure’s key! 2 hours with all the main monuments you need to see in the city center. Besides, historical information are given along the way.


Chapter Paris : 9,99 €
The King Jewels

Arènes de Lutèce to Sorbonne
3 hours

You have to find the lost treasure of the crown of France. Exploring hidden places in Paris and unfold a true mystery of the french revolution.






Wild Gaming: Treasure hunt in Lyon

First of all, search for elysio on the store and download the Wild Gaming app.
You’re ready to play!

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Chapter 0
Try the gameplay!
First of all, it will gives you a hint of the game itself:
15 minutes, 3 riddles, the script and the characters.
At the end of this chapter, you’ll know where to start your treasure hunt in Lyon !

Chapter 1
Visit Lyon peninsula!
Indeed, you can discover the monuments history and a few events which happened in the area.
You’ll have to answer some riddles during your adventure so be ready.
The next part of this story shall be disclosed quite soon.  You can contact us to have more information on the release date.

Chapter Paris
Visit the 5th arrondissement of Paris!
The pantheon, the Luxembourg garden and more beautiful places of Paris to visit. And more! You will discover some things even parisians do not know. Be prepared for a genuine adventure through the city!


As a matter of fact, if you don’t find the answer, you are not stuck in the game.
The only difference is going to be on your final score.

No more than 2 players per smartphone is advised for an ideal  gaming experience (3 if it’s a tablet)

More cities coming soon !