Lyon and Paris guided tour

Go on an adventure to discover the city!
Wild Gaming: treasure hunt in Lyon or Paris!

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Interactive outdoor treasure hunt in Lyon and Paris

Be the hero the city deserves. Solve the riddles and find the treasure by achieving the Wild Gaming Adventure !

Live an adventure similar to the Da Vinci Code in real life !

Indeed, in this outdoor Escape Game, you will have to find the templar’s treasure before a global criminal organization and you will discover the city and its history (verified by a local historian) along the way. You’ll become an agent working for the Phoenix foundation, a non-profit think tank which main activity is to fight against the art black market.

You will be working with Ms. Emma Richards who will guide you all along your first mission.
Another character will help you along the way.
The race against Gregory begins now! Indeed, another one is trying to catch the treasure. He works for the Illuminati. They want to steal the treasure and sell it on the black market.

Our treasure hunts are made for the whole family. (Difficult for young children)
Nevertheless, grown-ups are required to help on the problem solving. It would be too difficult for children on their own.

The paths are accessible on wheelchair as well.

Guided tour in Lyon

Visit Lyon: How does it work ?

First of all, search Wild Gaming: Lyon City or Paris city and download the app on the
Play Store or Apple Store,
Then choose  launch a new game.
Finally, you’re ready for your adventure!

Play whenever you want with whoever you want !
Take a break if you need, you are the master of your visit!

All you need is your smartphone.

Take something to write, some comfy shoes and a bottle of water. you’re ready to deal with the Illuminati !

Good luck Phoenix Agent !
Most of all, enjoy your trip!

Friendly warning: don’t look at the phone and walk at the same time, and most importantly, pay attention to the traffic, . 


Treasure hunt in Lyon

Wild Gaming

Chapter 0 : FREE
Phoenix foundation

Wherever you want
15 minutes

Discover your first mission to become a Phoenix agent. With this introduction, you can see the gameplay of the whole treasure hunt in less than 15 minutes. Try it for free and join the adventure

Chapter 1 : 9,99 €
On the treasure’s path

townhall to Bellecour
2 hours

You will have to solve the riddles in order to find the tresure’s key! 2 hours with all the main monuments you need to see in the city center. Besides, historical information are given along the way.


Chapter Paris : 9,99 €
The King Jewels

Arènes de Lutèce to Sorbonne
3 hours

You have to find the lost treasure of the crown of France. Exploring hidden places in Paris and unfold a true mystery of the french revolution.






Wild Gaming: Treasure hunt in Lyon

First of all, search for elysio on the store and download the Wild Gaming app.
You’re ready to play!

Get it on Google Play


Download on the App Store

Chapter 0
Try the gameplay!
First of all, it will gives you a hint of the game itself:
15 minutes, 3 riddles, the script and the characters.
At the end of this chapter, you’ll know where to start your treasure hunt in Lyon !

Chapter 1
Visit Lyon peninsula!
Indeed, you can discover the monuments history and a few events which happened in the area.
You’ll have to answer some riddles during your adventure so be ready.
The next part of this story shall be disclosed quite soon.  You can contact us to have more information on the release date.

Chapter Paris
Visit the 5th arrondissement of Paris!
The pantheon, the Luxembourg garden and more beautiful places of Paris to visit. And more! You will discover some things even parisians do not know. Be prepared for a genuine adventure through the city!


As a matter of fact, if you don’t find the answer, you are not stuck in the game.
The only difference is going to be on your final score.

No more than 2 players per smartphone is advised for an ideal  gaming experience (3 if it’s a tablet)

More cities coming soon !

Our team

Wild Gaming team:

Our goal is to let you live a genuine adventure which will reveal the hero inside you.
A fun guided tour in lyon with a total freedom for the user.

Wild Gaming is gathering a team of scenarists, story teller, game designer and graphists. The main objective is to create an innovative guided tour and most importantly a fun one! The dream has to be mingled with the reality to blur the frontier between fiction and the real world, and consequently, change a guided tour into a real adventure.

Pokemon Go showed that people were eager to mix digital and reality. We believe that digital can improve the way to communicate. And the game helps to learn better. That’s why we made a game on smartphone with the goal to learn and have fun at the same time.

The concept: change the way we have guided tour

The idea came out during a trip to the Angkor temples in Cambodia. What if we could visit historical places AND be the hero of a great adventure. Wild Gaming was created!
We find our inspiration in books, movies, legends, tales… And we mix those to make it happen. The freemasons, the Templar’s treasure, archeology, cyber-terrorism, we mixed different universes to create a fiction wich will bring you from the town hall to the hill of Fourviere or Notre-Dame !

All the historical facts are true and verified. Only the story is a fiction. Our motto is to offer a fiction in a realistic world with true historical facts for a genuine experience.

We are always available if you need anymore information.
Don’t hesitate to leave a review and most importantly to send us a feedback so we can improve our product for you.

After Lyon and Paris, new cities will be soon available.

See you soon for a new adventure, Phoenix Agent!


Elysio contact:

Elysio contact is available for informations, remarks or any questions you could have. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can improve our product. We are updating our app regularly with your feedbacks and proposals.

Treasure Hunt Lyon

If you have any ideas for a script or a riddle or even places you would like to see in the next chapters, contact us with the contact form.
you may appear in the credits of a future application.

Don’t forget to tell us from where you come from. If a lot of people come from the same city, we may think about creating a game other there.

As a conclusion, don’t forget to give likes and suscribe to our facebook and twitter accounts (see below). Leave your photos and scores and a review for the app if you liked it!!

Thank you very much!

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