Our team

Wild Gaming team:

Our goal is to let you live a genuine adventure which will reveal the hero inside you.
A fun guided tour in lyon with a total freedom for the user.

Wild Gaming is gathering a team of scenarists, story teller, game designer and graphists. The main objective is to create an innovative guided tour and most importantly a fun one! The dream has to be mingled with the reality to blur the frontier between fiction and the real world, and consequently, change a guided tour into a real adventure.

Pokemon Go showed that people were eager to mix digital and reality. We believe that digital can improve the way to communicate. And the game helps to learn better. That’s why we made a game on smartphone with the goal to learn and have fun at the same time.

The concept: change the way we have guided tour

The idea came out during a trip to the Angkor temples in Cambodia. What if we could visit historical places AND be the hero of a great adventure. Wild Gaming was created!
We find our inspiration in books, movies, legends, tales… And we mix those to make it happen. The freemasons, the Templar’s treasure, archeology, cyber-terrorism, we mixed different universes to create a fiction wich will bring you from the town hall to the hill of Fourviere or Notre-Dame !

All the historical facts are true and verified. Only the story is a fiction. Our motto is to offer a fiction in a realistic world with true historical facts for a genuine experience.

We are always available if you need anymore information.
Don’t hesitate to leave a review and most importantly to send us a feedback so we can improve our product for you.

After Lyon and Paris, new cities will be soon available.

See you soon for a new adventure, Phoenix Agent!