Discover Lyon with your guide Emma Richards

You are an Agent Phoenix

Looking for the Templar’s treasure!


You work for the Phoenix foundation, you’ll have to find the treasure before the Illuminati. They want to sell the artefact on the black market, you need to get it back and put it in a museum. You will get some help from our agent, Ms. Emma Richards. She will give you the information you need to fullfill your mission.
Besides, you’ll get advices from your supervisor and head of the division, the Professor Archibald Anderson.

Finally, you’ll race against Gregory Thomas who is on the run for the treasure as well!

Phoenix foundation:

the Phoenix foundation is a non-profit think tank involved in various areas: environmental research, anti-drug initiatives, social programs, expansion and furthering of new technologies and fight against the art black market. One of our agent recently found an antic scroll coming from Palmyra. Our teams are actually working, day and night, on the translation.

 The Illuminati:

This order was created during the spanish inquisition. Bavarian monarchy bannished it during the XVIIIth century. The illuminati were forced to flee the country. They appeared in France not so long after and vanished for 2 centuries. At the end of the USSR, they rose again and they’ve been involved in the art black market since then. We need to find the treasure before they do!


Discover Lyon in a fun way!

No more groups of 30 people with audioguides. You are the master of your own visit!

Emma Richards :

Analyst and semitic languages expert, she achieved a thesis on the dead sea civilizations.

Archibald Anderson :

Head of operations, he’s a medieval litterature teacher fond of astronomy.

Gregory Thomas :

Cyber-terrorist, he is now in charge of the illuminati business in eastern Europe.