Lyon origins

Every week, Archie is going to reveal an historical fact about the city of Lyon:

The city was founded in 43 BC by Lucius Munatius Plancus on the Fourvière heights. As a matter of fact, The name of the hill comes from Forum Vetus, which means old Forum in latin. The roman forum was indeed at the top of the hill.

For 2 centuries, Lyon was one of the most influent city in the roman Empire. The city is divided in 4 districts: The hill part, the celtic part on Condate where we can still find the Amphitheatre of the Three Gauls, the right bank of the Saône river and the Canabae.

Lugdunum is a latinization of the Gaulish Lugudunon, meaning ”Fortress (or hill) of (the god) Lugus”. Lugus or Lugh is an important god of Celtic mythology. He is sometimes interpreted as a sun god.
There are other theories for the name:

• The Gaulish word would be Lugos which means “raven”
• Another etymology connects the element Lugu- to the latin word Lux and translates the name as ”Shining”

Origins of Lyon

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