Voraces: a political insurrection

Every week, Archie is going to reveal an historical fact about the city of Lyon:


In 1846, a new wind of change is coming. A political society of Canuts was created: they were known as the “Voraces” (literaly voracious). Compared to  what happened 20 years before, the situation is quite different. This time, the cause is not the hunger but politics.

The name is probably coming from the “Compagnons du Devoir” (Companion of Duty), which change to “Dévoirants”, then finally “Voraces”.  They were hiding behind binge drinking to organize real political meetings.

Another hypothesis is that their objective at that time was to fight against the reduction of the « pot » volume. This theory is wrong because the law on the volume was voted 3 years before (see previous article).

In 1848, the last king of France decided to abdicate and the Second Republic was declared. The canuts took control of the town hall and declared the Republic to the people from the balcony.  The next months are quite complicated with the power in place until a last insurrection in June 1849 which is violently contained.

Do not miss the “traboule” on the Croix-Rousse neighbourhood (we will come back on that) which goes directly to the ”Cour des Voraces”.

Cour des Voraces